San Manuel Band of Mission Indians Provides $1.17 Million to Support Sherman Indian High Career Technical Education Program

Photo from 2010 formal presentation and donor recognition ceremony

May 13, 2010–The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians announced support for the CTE Pathways Program offered by the Riverside County Office of Education for students of Sherman Indian High School.

The Riverside County Superintendent of Schools, Kenneth M. Young, is pleased to announce that the Riverside County Office of Education (RCOE) has received a grant from the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians to continue the career technical education programs at Sherman Indian High School.

The generous donation of $1.17 million dollars distributed over the next two years will ensure Sherman students receive high quality career technical education designed to provide rigorous and relevant industry training to prepare students in securing entry-level and technical jobs. A formal presentation and donor recognition ceremony has been scheduled for October 18, 2013, at 1:30 p.m. in the Sherman Indian High School auditorium.

“With incredible support from San Manuel and other contributors in our community, we have been privileged to continue to provide CTE pathways to our students,” said Roland Doepner III, Principal at Sherman High. “Our recent graduates have already benefited from this program and we are confident that our continuing students and new students will also succeed in this program during the course of their study at Sherman Indian High School.”

Career technical education has become increasingly necessary to meet the current economic and workforce development challenges of our nation and to ensure students have the education and 21st Century skills necessary to compete in an increasingly competitive global economy.

The Sherman Indian High School CTE Pathways Program helps to address educational disparities to ensure student have access to the quality Career Technical Education offerings that are critical to prepare students for the workforce.  Pathway offerings include 1) Health Science and Medical Technology, 2) Public Services, 3) Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation; 4) Energy, Environment and Utilities; and 5) Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Selected coursework will provide students with the skills and knowledge that are directly related to local, in-demand, high wage, and expected high growth jobs.  The program is set to serve at least 300 students annually and upon program completion, students will have earned credits toward graduation that fulfill college entrance requirements, thus preparing them for greater opportunities in post-secondary endeavors.

“We are privileged and proud to be a partner with RCOE and Sherman Indian High School through this wonderful educational opportunity,” said San Manuel Chairperson Carla Rodriguez.  “The CTE Pathways Program has proven to be a positive undertaking and a great motivator for the students to pursue their life goals.”

The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians awards grants through a competitive grant application and review process.

For the past three years, the career pathways have allowed Sherman students the opportunity to be involved in the local community in positive ways, provided new perspectives to enable them to compete in the workplace, and helped them to realize their personal potential.

RCOE provides Career Technical Education (CTE) programs through its Regional Occupation Program, and promotes CTE through staff development for both academic and CTE teachers.  These services are provided through partnership grants and programs with districts, institutions of higher education, and business and industry in order to assist districts who are planning and implementing the changes called for by the CTE framework and state and federal mandates.