Meet the Class of 2020: An Equity Warrior In Training – Korbin Brown 

Korbin BrownKorbin Brown
Valley View High School
Moreno Valley Unified School District

As a freshman at Valley View High School, Korbin Brown was invited to participate on a student panel at RCOE’s Excellence Through Equity Conference. As a senior, he asked to attend so that he could help change the student experience for others who come after him. Korbin once again spoke on a panel about his perspective as a student and the importance of students’ voices.

“I could tell there was an actual drive to change. The audience was made up of people who wanted to make change and I believe that’s what they are doing,” Korbin said. “They aren’t trying. They are doing it right now.”

Korbin described the changes he witnessed between his freshman year and senior year as eye-opening.

“As a freshman, I was more naïve and everything at that event seemed like a movie,” Korbin said. “Now my eyes are open, and I’ve experienced so much more of the world.”

One aspect of the world that Korbin is paying close attention to is the protests following the death of George Floyd.

“What happened in Minneapolis is only a starting point because we aren’t being heard or understood,” Korbin said. “I’m excited and proud that my age group is looking to change laws coming out of this. That brings me hope.”

Quarantine Leads To Focus On Future

Korbin will graduate from Valley View High School in the Moreno Valley Unified School District on June 11th. Since the physical school closures in March, Korbin has focused on his future in unique ways.

Without a daily expectation to get up early to go to school, maintain a workout schedule, or go to tennis practice, Korbin admitted that he could have easily stayed up until 2 a.m. and slept until 2 p.m. the next day.

Instead, he applied himself in other ways—by adding structure to his schedule that he knows will be essential to succeed in college.

“It’s given me a lot of time to apply for scholarships,” Korbin said, “I’d already received some money for college, but not enough to cover it all.”

Korbin applied for more than fifty scholarships while at home during quarantine and is still looking for more.

In the fall, Korbin will study film and media arts at UC Santa Cruz. He is hoping that the school re-opens for on-campus classes so he can enjoy the full freshman experience. He has already joined several social media groups of fellow freshmen to start building new connections.

“We all need to keep following our dreams,” Korbin said. “We’ve made it this far, so we can do anything.”