Rattlers ‘Own it’

by Rose Gonzalez , Guest Columnist - August 28, 2014 at 12:00 AM -
culinary arts student

Students in the culinary arts program at Rancho Mirage High School prepare meals for the football team. PHOTOS: COURTESY OF ROSE GONZALEZ

Rancho Mirage High School staff and students live by the mantra “Own It!”

This saying reverberates throughout the campus, including in Chef Howard Merrick’s kitchen and on Coach Larry Matthews’ football field.

Rattlers take pride in their school and take ownership of their top-notch education. It is not enough to just participate in a program or to “buy in” to an idea. Instead, RMHS has stood out from other high schools in the valley because students, staff, families and the community “Own It!”

That is the reason why students in Merrick’s culinary arts classes are happy to prepare and serve pre-game meals to the Rattler varsity football team. In no way, shape, or form do Merrick’s students see this task as a chore – supporting each other is the Rattler way.

The symbiotic relationship that has formed between the culinary arts students and the football players stems from the positive school culture that has been created by the kind and supportive administrative team of RMHS. Chef Merrick and coach Matthews have arranged for culinary students to gain and practice valuable workplace skills, while the football players are able to benefit from the love and support of their fellow Rattlers on game day.


20140904-RMfoodR3football team being served by culinary arts students and staffPHOTO & POST FROM Rancho Mirage HS Football Facebook page: Rattlers will be powered tonight by Chef Merrick and the RMHS Culinary Arts Program! PHOTOS:

There is a great amount of respect shared between the culinary students and the football players because RMHS students model their behavior after the daily interactions that they witness among RMHS adults.

Students don’t just study at RMHS, they “Own It!” Staff members don’t just work at RMHS, they “Own It!” The desert community doesn’t just partner with RMHS, they “Own It!”

– Rose Gonzalez is the work based learning educator and coordinator for the culinary arts food education academy at Rancho Mirage High School.

Source: The Press-Enterprise