This Second Grader Used To Be a Bully And What He Is Doing To Make Up For It Is Pretty Awesome

by Renee Schiavone - May 22, 2014 at 12:00 AM -

Beaumont, Calif. – Second-grader Cameron Thompson thought it was funny that another boy brought a barbie doll to school for show-and-tell.

And, like we hear all-too-often these days, he decided to make fun of that boy, and convinced others to bully him as well.

Cameron was caught, though, and taught about how dangerous bullying can be.  Now, he wants to help others know about the hurt that can be caused by bullying, too.

“He asked me why he still felt bad [a couple months later] and I explained shame to him,” Cameron’s mom Jessica Southard tells Patch.  “He then told me he knew how he could make it better. He asked me if he could start an anti-bully club at school.”

With help from the principal at Tournament Hills Elementary School in Beaumont, Cameron got his club off the ground, and 76 students showed up to the first meeting earlier this month, his mom says.

His club is based off the PBIS program, which stands for positive behavioral interventions & supports, and meets Fridays at lunch.

Cameron (with some adult help) has also created this great video above, to help spread the word on his anti-bullying efforts.

Watch with caution, though.  It’s so sweet, you’ll need a tissue!

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He used to think it was cool to make fun of other kids. Now, he’s doing something to make a change.