Series 3000


3000 Concepts and Roles

0. Concepts and Roles 3000

3100 – Budget

1. Budget (Includes Planning, Preparation, Proposed Budget, Adoption and Administration)
A. Budget 3100
  Annual Budget Development and Principles
B. Transfer of Funds Between Categories
C. Deferred Maintenance Funds 3111
D. Management of School District and County School Service Funds 3120
E. Temporary Transfer of Funds 3140
F. Budget Control 3150
(1)Budget Check for Personnel Action Request
(2)Budget Adjustments
(7)Budget Check Requirements for Form No. 2005
(8)Initiating Budget Revisions

3200 – Income

2. Income
A. Local Funds
B. State Funds
(1)Lottery Funds 3220.1
C. Federal Funds
(1)Business Division Review of Federal and special Project Applications
D. Preparation of Billing Authorization
E. Redistribution and/or Disposal of Personal Property 3260
(1)Procedures Redistribution and/or Disposal of Personal Property Brought From the Budget (Excluding Projects)
(2)Redistribution and/or Disposition of Personal Property Acquired Through A Federal Grant
(3)Redistribution and/or Disposition of Personal Property Acquired From Federal/State Surplus
(4)Redistribution and/or Disposal of Personal Property Acquired Through A State Grant
(5)Relocation or Disposal of Equipment Not Included on the Inventory Listing, and/or Expendable Supplies
F. Sale and Disposal of Books, Equipment, and Supplies 3270
G. Gifts, Grants, and Bequests (Does not include State or Federal Funds) 3280
(1)Receipt, Accountability and Disposal of Gifts and Bequests
H. Investing 3292

3300 Expenditures/Expending Authority

3. Expenditures/ Expending Authority 3300
A. Purchasing
(1)Purchasing – Requirement for Competition
(2)Preparation of Purchase Request/
    Att A: Purchase Request Checklist
    Att B: Preparation of Purchase Request
(3)Confirmation Purchases
    Att A: Exempt Categories
(4)Receiving Supplies, Books, and/or Equipment at a Location Other than Central Receiving
(5)Leased Equipment
(6)State Allocation Board Contracts
(7)Bids 3311
(8)Contracts 3312
(9)Affirmative Action 3313.5
(10)Equal employment Opportunity Requirements on Purchase Orders and Contracts
    Att A: Statement for Purchase Orders Under $10,000
    Att B: Statement for Purchase Orders to Vendors Where Annual Orders Exceed $10,000
    Att C: Equal Opportunity Status Report
B. Claims and Actions Against the Riverside County Office of Education 3320
C. Purchasing Procedures
(1)Centralized Office Supply Issue/Accounting
    Att A: Standard Stock/Special Order/Office Supplies and Forms
a. Consultants 3324.1
    Consultant Contracts
b. Encumbrance/ Disencumbrance of Funds – Child Care Contracts
(3)Receiving Goods/Warehousing
a. Open Purchase Orders
b. Temporary Storage of Items/Supplies in Warehouse
(4)Paying for Goods and Services
a. Revolving Cash Fund 3326.3
    Revolving Cash Fund
b. Travel Agencies
(5)Acquisition of Property from State Education Agency Surplus Property
(6)Judicial Matters
a. Handling of Notice of Claims and Court Summons (Lawsuits)
b. Appearance as Juror or Witness
c. Jury Duty Leave and Reporting Requirements
 (7)Travel Expenses 3350
 (a)Issue and Use of the CAL-CARD (VISA) Credit Card

3400 Management of Assets/Accounts

4. Management of Assets/Accounts 3400
A. System of Accounts 3410
B. Periodic Financial Reports 3430
(1)County School Service Fund Annual Audit 3434
C. Inventory 3440
(1)Reporting Stolen or Missing Equipment
(2)Relocation of Property Within A Division
(3)Duties of Property Managers
(4)Sale of Personal Property
(5)Accountability and Inventory of Personal Property
(6)Use of Riverside County Office of Education Personal Property
D. Collection and Deposit of Monies 3460
(1)Use of Official Receipt Books
E. Special Operational Reviews 3462
(2)Vacated Position Reviews 3466

3500 – Non-Instructional Operations

5. Non-Instructional Operations
A. Responsibility for Control of Physical Facilities
(a)Custodial Standards
(b)Maintenance Standards
(c)Requests for Maintenance and Operations Service
(d)Utility Services for Leased/Rented Facilities
(e)Requests for Telephone Service
    Cellular Telephones
(f)Energy and Water Conservation 3511
(1)Procedures to Request Device Audit/Search Authorization
(2)Buildings and Grounds
(a)Cellular Phone Reimbursement 3513.1
(b)Parking At the Education Service Center, Riverside
(c)Tobacco-Free Schools 3513.3
(d)Office and Facility Hours 3513.4
(e)Building and Security Regulation
(g)Site Initiated or Donated Facility Improvements, Additions, or Modifications 3513.7
(3)Environmental Safety 3514
(a)Hazardous Substance Communications Policy/Program 3514.1
(b)Integrated Pest Management
(a)Crime data Reporting
(b)Disruptions 3515.2
(d)Recovery for Property Loss or Damage 3515.4
(e)Sex Offender Notification 3515.5
(f)Criminal Background Checks for Contractors
(5)Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness Plan 3516
(a)Safety 3516.1
(b)Fire Drills and Fires
(c)Bomb Threats
(d)Earthquake Emergency Procedure System
(e)Emergency Schedules BP3516.5
(6)Security of Buildings and Grounds 3517
(a)Security and Privacy 3517.1
(b)Facilities Inspection 3517.2
B. Office Services – School District Orders for Payment of Obligations 3520
(1)Media Relations 3523
C. Risk Management/ Insurance 3530
(1)Employee Bonds 3533
D. Transportation 3540
(1)School-Related Trips
(2)Transportation of Students w/ Disabilities 3541.2
(3)Home to School Transportation 3541.31
(4)Criteria for Use and Procedures for Obtaining Transportation Services for Programs Operated by the Riverside County Superintendent of Schools
(5)Criteria for Replacing Passenger Vehicles
(6)Regulations for Requesting Authorization and Claiming Reimbursement for Staff Transportation
(7)Schoolbus Drivers
(8)Transportation Safety and Emergencies
E. Food Services Child Nutrition Program 3550
(3)Free and Reduced Price Meals 3553
(4)Other Food Services 3554
G. Records Management Program
H. County Office of Education Records 3580
I. Reprographic and Graphic Arts Illustrator Services
(1)Duplication and Copyrighted Material
(a) Copyrighted Materials Created by the County Office of Education