Series 6000


0. Concepts and Roles in Instruction 6000
(1) Academic Standards 6011
B. Parental Involvement 6020
1. Elementary and Secondary
A. Schedules
(1)School Calendar 6111
(5)Ceremonies and Observations 6115
B. Response to Instruction and Intervention 6120
C. Curriculum 6140
(1)Curriculum Design and Development 6141
b.Recognition of Religious Beliefs and Custom 6141.2
(2)Subject Fields
a. Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Instruction 6142.1
g. Physical Education 6142.7
h. Comprehensive Health Education 6142.8
i. Reading/ Language Arts Instruction 6142.91
(3)Courses of Study 6143
(4)Controversial Issues/ Prohibited Studies 6144
(5)Extracurricular and Cocurricular Activities 6145
   c. Publications
   d. Public Performances and Exhibitions 6145.4
   e. Student Organizations and Equal Access 6145.5
    f. Social Events/ Meetings 6145.7
(6)Graduation Requirements/ Standards of Proficiency
a. High School Graduation Requirements 6146.1
(1)Alternative Credits Toward Graduation 6146.11
b. Certificate of Proficiency/High School Equivalency 6146.2
c. Reciprocity of Academic Credit 6146.3
d. Differential Graduation and Competency Standards for Individuals with Exceptional Needs 6146.4
D. Instructional Arrangements
(3)School-Sponsored Trips 6153
(8)Independent Study 6158
(9)Individualized Education Program 6159
a. Procedural Safeguards and Complaints for Special Education 6159.1
b. Nonpublic, Nonsectarian School and Agency for Special Education 6159.2
c. Appointment of Surrogate Parent for Special Education 6159.3
d. Behavioral Interventions for Special Education Students
E. Instructional Services and Resources
(1)Equipment, Books, and Materials 6161
a. Selection and Evaluation of Instructional Materials 6161.1
b. Overdue, Damaged, or Lost Instructional Materials 6161.2
c. Toxic Art Supplies 6161.3
(2)Instructional Resources for Teachers
a. Student Aides/Peer Counselors 6162.31
b. Student Assessment 6162.5
(1)State Academic Achievement Tests 6162.51
(2)High School Exit Examination 6162.52
(4)Test Integrity/ Test Preparation 6162.54
(8)Research 6162.8
(3)Instructional Resources for Students
b. Animals At School 6163.2
d. Student Use of Technology 6163.4
(4)Individual Services and Diagnostic Counseling
b. Guidance/Counseling Services 6164.2
c. Psychological Services
d. Identification of Individuals for Special Education 6164.4
e. Student Success Teams
f. Identification and Education Under Section 504 6164.6
F. Supplemental Programs
(1)Title I Programs 6171
(2)Special Education 6172
(3)Education for Homeless Children 6173
(a)Education for Foster Youth 6173.1
(4)Education for English Language Learners 6174
(5)Migrant Education Program 6175
(6)Weekend/Saturday Classes 6176
(7)Summer School 6177
(8)Vocational Education
a. Work Experience Education 6178.1
b. Regional Occupational Program 6178.2
(9)Supplemental Instruction 6179
G. Evaluation of the Instructional Program 6190