Series 0000


0. Concepts and Roles 0000
1. Mission Statement 0100
4. Comprehensive Plans 0400
A. Non-Discrimination in Programs and Activities 0410
B. School Plans/Site Councils 0420
Charter School Authorization 0420.4
Minute Order – Suspension of BP 0420.14 Exhibit A
(1)Procedures for Reviewing a Charter Schools Petition by County Board of Education 0420.41
Attachment A
(3)Complaint Procedures for Charter Schools
C. Comprehensive Local Plan for Special Education 0430
D. County Office of Education Technology Plan 0440
E. Comprehensive School Safety Plan 0450
F. Local Control and Accountability Plan 0460
5. Interventions
A. School Accountability Report Cards 0510
B. Intervention for Underperforming Schools 0520
(1) High Priority Schools Grant Program 0520.1
(2) Title I Program Improvement Schools 0520.2
(3) Title I Program Improvement Districts 0520.3
(4) Quality Education Investment Schools 0520.4

Note: Irregularities in numbering result from the numbering system which provides placeholders for future policies.