Clear Administrative Services Credential Program

CASC Payment Plan Agreement 2019-2020-final

The School of Education at RCOE is proud to offer the California Administrative Services Credential (CASC) Program, a job-embedded, individualized coaching program for recently hired school administrators working under the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (PASC). New administrators must begin a CASC Program within one year of beginning an administrative position.

Certification of the completion of all requirements is accomplished through the two-year program that includes: (1) one-on-one coaching with a skilled, veteran administrator, (2) development of an Individual Induction Plan for each of the two years, (3) individualized professional learning experiences, and (4) a culminating portfolio representing two years of leadership development based on the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSELs).

Program Cost: $7,500 with a $500 non-refundable deposit, applied to the registration fee.

New CASC Cohorts begin in October and April of each school year. In order to participate in a cohort, your application must be approved and you must be paired with a coach whose application has also been approved. While RCOE does have some options to pair candidates with coaches, the best plan is for the candidate to recruit someone they know to be their coach who meets all requirements.

Restrictions: The coach cannot be the candidate’s immediate supervisor, and the coach cannot be an Assistant Principal.

The beginning dates for the cohorts below are the dates for Orientation and Coach Training. Specific registration and other detailed information about the CASC Orientation and Coach Training will be sent once the candidate and coach are approved for the program. In the meantime, please reserve these dates.

  • April 2020 Cohort
    Coach Training (Coaches Only) – April 29, 2020, 2018, 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
    Candidates/Coach Orientation – April 30, 2020, 3:00 – 7:00 p.m.
    Candidates/Coaches Application Deadline: April 14, 2020


Enrolling candidates must:

  • Currently be employed in an administrative position.
  • Possess (1) a valid Preliminary Administrative Services Credential or (2) a Certificate of Eligibility with a letter from the employing district verifying that the application process for the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential has begun.
  • Enroll in a Clear Administrative Services Credential Program within one year of starting an initial administrative position.

Candidate Application Requirements:

Coach Application Requirements:

Please JET, mail, or scan/email application and supporting documents to:

Cheryl Reynolds-Young
School of Education
Riverside County Office of Education
3939 13th Street
Riverside CA 92502