Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020
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CTC Approved Program

The School of Education at RCOE is proud to offer a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program, approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. The vision of our program is:  To empower and equip administrators who both understand and embrace the challenges of educational leadership.


The RCOE PASC Program is grounded in the California Administrator Performance Expectations which describes what new administrators must know and be able to do as they become principals for the first time. It also features the integration of a world-class leadership model, Kouzes’ and Posner’s Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership, throughout the course work. The Five Practices help educational leaders build credibility through Modeling the Way, Inspiring a Shared Vision, Challenging the Process, Enabling Others to Act, and Encouraging the Heart. Though leadership will be studied from many perspectives, Kouzes’ and Posner’s model will provide a common language for understanding leadership development across the county.

Our program has a strong emphasis on ethics and equity, embedding the Model Code of Ethics for Educators into each course, and focusing on equity in every aspect of the administrator’s role.

Another feature of the program is that it will be delivered using a hybrid model, blending face-to-face instruction with online learning. Candidates will meet one Saturday a month or two weeknights for 16 months, and then engage in online learning and assignments during the months between classes. The bulk of the fieldwork for the program is the completion of the newly required California Administrator Performance Assessment (CalAPA). The CalAPA is composed of three Leadership Cycles that provide candidates experience in analyzing data to inform school improvement and promote equity, facilitating communities of practice, and supporting teacher growth.

Program staff members have served on the CalAPA Design Team and scored CalAPA submissions during the pilot and field test phases of the rollout. The program participated in the field test during 2017-2018 as well, meaning the instructors have already begun the process of refining their support for candidates in completing the assessment. We are well prepared to help candidates pass the assessment to earn the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential.

For RCOE cohorts starting in 2019-2020, candidates must complete the CalAPA and pass it to earn the credential.

One feature that our candidates have always highlighted is the quality of our instructors, who serve as principals, directors, assistant superintendents, and county office personnel in Riverside County. This program is practical, hands-on, with great opportunities for networking with veteran and aspiring administrators across the county.

Program Information

  • 16-month program, including a one-month summer hiatus in July.
  • Cohorts begin in August and January of each year.
  • Classes meet one Saturday per month with online and fieldwork assignments completed between classes.
  • Seven developmentally sequenced courses grounded in the CAPE:
    • Leading By Example: Who Am I?
    • Shared Vision: Where Are We Going?
    • Shared Leadership: Doing It Together
    • Systems and Systems Thinking: Making It Work
    • Regulatory Leadership: The Law
    • Instructional Leadership: The Work
    • Leadership Realities: Now What?
  • Completion of an online fieldwork portfolio, including three leadership observations.
  • Presentation of fieldwork and course learning at the conclusion of the program.

Program Cost: $7500, with a $500* non-refundable deposit, applied to program fees.

*If candidate is not accepted the deposit will be refunded.


Enrolling candidates must:

  • Possess a valid clear or life California teaching credential requiring a baccalaureate degree and a program of professional preparation, including student teaching or the equivalent, and holds an English learner authorization; or
  • Possess a valid clear or life California designated subjects teaching credential in adult education, career technical education, vocational education or special subjects, provided the holder also possesses a baccalaureate degree, and holds an English learner authorization; or
  • Possess a valid clear or life California services credential in pupil personnel services, health services for the school nurse, teacher librarian services, or speech-language pathology or clinical or rehabilitative services requiring a baccalaureate degree and a program of professional preparation, including field work or the equivalent.


  • Complete the Basic Skills Requirement verified by proof of passing the CBEST examination.
  • Complete five (5) years of successful full-time teaching experience in a public or private school verified by a letter from the employing district by the end of the program.

Cohort 7 Application Deadlines: 

  • August 15th for the September cohort

Application Requirements:

E-mail application and supporting documents to or JET/Mail to:

Cheryl Reynolds-Young
School of Education
Riverside County Office of Education
3939 13th Street
Riverside CA 92502

Instructor Application Requirements: