IBI for Head Start

The RCOE Intensive Behavior Intervention program offers services within Head Start, Early Head Start and Migrant Head Start programs that address the individual needs of children/consumers and their families based on assessment results and related to behavior, communication, social skills, self-help/life skills, leisure skills, and personal safety skills.

The program provides:

  • Individualized support for students with behavioral needs
  • Secondary Prevention
  • Universal classroom support for all students

For students who require Tier 3 support, services include:

  1. Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices to systematically address the students’ behavior needs (examples: discrete trial training, visual supports, reinforcement, social stories, etc.)
  2. Data collection to determine baseline and measure progress.
  3. Help student understand rules, routines and expectations.
  4. Teach student “learning to learn” set skills, specifically:
    1. Waiting
    2. Sitting
    3. Attending to materials
    4. Following teacher instructions
    5. Following group instructions
    6. Accepting “no” for an answer
    7. Completing daily living skills
  5. Use naturalistic methods of instruction (examples: modeling and prompting)
  6. Teach age-appropriate social skills in order for student to develop meaningful friendships