Student Annual Needs Determination Inventory (SANDI)

Searching for a better way to assess Special Education students’ progress and align their learning with state standards and assessments? Meet SANDI.

The Student Annual Needs Determination Inventory (SANDI) is an assessment tool designed by educators from RCOE’s Special Education Unit specifically for students with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities. SANDI is used to improve instruction for all students in RCOE’s Special Education programs and is now available through Lakeshore Learning.

Screen capture showing SANDI Online and FAST Online. SANDI Menu: Checklist, Appendices, Results, Student Profile, Standards Reports, Create Report, Download Item-Level Data, Teacher Usage Report, Blank SANDI Checklist, Resources. SANDI Reports: Standards Reports, Demographic Report, Class Report, Teacher Usage Report. FAST Menu: Checklist, Materials, Resources.

Steps to Success: SANDI-FAST Online System

The SANDI is a user-friendly, comprehensive summative and formative assessment that provides useful and immediate feedback to both teachers and administrators on each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Teachers can use the targeted data provided to write effective IEP goals and lesson plans, to provide access to grade level standards, and to inform instruction for students on the Alternate Assessment. SANDI mirrors the best practices timeline in general education by layering summative assessments with formative assessment and captures student progress electronically across time giving administrators a district-wide data-based system for monitoring and supporting student progress.

We are proud of the RCOE team that developed SANDI and still support districts implementing the assessment.  We know SANDI benefits our students by helping provide them with an individualized roadmap for building competence, mastery and independence.

Learn how SANDI can support your students, teachers and schools by contacting RCOE’s Special Education Unit or by exploring the Lakeshore Learning Website.