Unity Conference

First Annual Riverside County Unity Conference April 17, 2018The Riverside County Unity Conference created a forum to provide leaders with an opportunity to unlock the full creative potential of coming together as superintendents, board members, teachers, parents, law enforcement, policy makers, county government, faith-based leaders, higher education officials, students, and more.

Riverside County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Judy D. White, started the event with a call to unity and action that reinforced the importance of our collective responsibility to unite our efforts for the benefit of students.

In the keynote address, Dr. Bernice A. King, the Chief Executive Officer of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center, and daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr., called on attendees to listen to each other and continue the momentum of uniting together long after the conclusion of the event.

After the keynote address, Dr. White and Dr. King sat down for a more intimate question and answer session to further explore the cultural and political aspects in America in comparison and contrast 50 years after the passing of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Following the breakout sessions, attendees settled on four action plans to better prepare students for college and the workforce:

  1. Internships & Career Exploration
  2. Informing, Involving, and Empowering Parents
  3. Input and Feedback Opportunities for Stakeholders
  4. Resource List of Agency Partners for Students/Families

If you are interested in taking action to help students succeed in Riverside County, download the Unity Conference Commitment and Action Plans post-event recap.